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homecoming TAKA, Tokyo

Please come to my home and enjoy Japanese traditional life
& feel our hospitality!

Hope here will become your home in Japan for future.

Experience Japanese culture & OMOTENASHI(hospitality) mind.
Make friends in the world through "homecoming TAKA".

Message from TAKA

May 2023

Hello everyone.
Thank you for visiting our homepage.

The CORONA virus in Japan is declining and life is almost back to normal.In the past six months, we have traveled to seven prefectures in Japan, continuing our research on Japanese food and culture. There were many opportunities to talk with warm-hearted people while traveling, and we learned a lot.Attached please find photo of Yufuin,Oita.We are very happy that the number of foreigners visiting Japan has increased dramatically.

Have you seen WBC(world baseball classic)?It was a very excited time in Japan.Regardless of winning or losing, people were united through sports. We could learn a lot from sports.It seems that the polite behavior of the Japanese athletes and the Japanese cheering squad was introduced on TV and in newspapers all over the world.


Taka & Keiko from Tokyo

About "homecoming TAKA, Tokyo"

To understand real Japanses life & Japan
Japan has many famous sightseeing spots such as "Asakusa" "Roppongi" and "Kyoto". These are nice place to visit to understand Japan.

At the same time, from my experience to visit and live many countries, we would like you to visit my house & feel real Japanese life and to have better understanding of this country.

Hope to be your home in Japan
Once you visit our home, we would like to make good relationship and hope to be your home in Japan. From next time, please come to visit our place and say "I am home".


What you can enjoy at TAKA (1)


During staying at TAKA, let's make "Origami" (the art of Japanese paper folding) together.

Udon making

"Udon" is one of traditional Japanese noodle. TAKA has mastered how to make Udon at Kagawa Pref. It is very unique how to make raw materials, so let's make and eat together!

Japanese food cooking

We cook traditional Japanese lunch with you. It is not the one you eat at nice restaurant, but you find real Japanese food. Menue:Sushi,Gyouza etc.
FYI, drinks including alcohol are free of charge.

What you can enjoy at TAKA (2)


After lunch, let us provide traditional Japanese Tea ceremony together with delicious Japanese confectionery.


As a memory of your visit at TAKA, Keiko will write your name with Japanese on large square poetry card with ink.

Profile of ourself


Work for Electric Company, 15 years oversea experience at US, Malaysia & China. After retirement, Work as Career Consultant & part-time teacher at university.


Working at Tax Office as part time
Good at Cooking Japanese Cuisine, "Origami" (art of paper folding), powdered tea and calligraphy.

Our Family

Hope you feel you are member of our family once you visit TAKA.
Also here will be your home in Japan!



Our place is located at Omori on JR Keihin Tohoku Line.
It takes only 6 minutes from Shinagawa Station and 25 minutes from Haneda Airport.


Omori is the place many great writers come from. Also the birthplace of Seaweed that we use Sushi for our lunch.
It is very calm traditional Japanese residential area.


  • Time : from 10:30 am to 3 pm
  • Appointed Place : Meet at Central Gate of JR Omori Station at 10:30 am. I will be there with logo bag of  "TAKA".
                              (please take a look on next slide for details)
  • Price : 9,800 Yen (Child age 7 - 12 years old 6,000 Yen, less than 7 is free)
  • Capacity : Max 5 people at the same time (We welcome just one)
  • Reservation : Reservation are required in advance. Also we charge the price through your credit card.
  • If you have any allergic to any food, let us know by email.
  • Since our place is located on the 2nd floor without elevator, we are sorry to say wheel chair can not be used.
  • Available Language : We speak both English and Japanese.
  • Time : from 10:30 am to 3 pm

Appointment to meet at

Omori Station

We will meet at "Omori Station" on Keihin Tohoku Line. There are 3 exit at Omori Station as shown on this picture. Please use "Central Exit"

Find me!

At the Central Exit at 10:30 am, Taka or Keiko is waiting for you. Please find the bag with our Logo.

For reservation

Please click HERE to make reservation at TAKA.
Thank you!!


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We are waiting for your visit!
See you soon!!

Please contact us at

email : homecoming.taka@gmail.com
Facebook : TBA
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